Bringing Entertainment to Another Level

About Us

FP-Productions is a service Entertainment Company established in 2002. Started as the FP-Family Original 7, this group of young and talented artists, musicians, writers, DJs, dancers and videographers brought endless entertainment to those around. Since then, FP-Family has grown to twenty family members, that created a production company that consists of four dance crews, a bboy(break dance) crew, and spoken word group. With our ideas and talents, we aim to unite the Arizona Community towards the appreciation for the arts while also instilling a stronger sense of camaraderie in the hearts of peers through different forms of self expression – whether it is through dance, art, music or poetry. With our shared passions and dedication, we become a closely knit-family who together, inspire to “Bring Entertainment to Another Level.”

In the spring of 2002, seven young adults known for their propensity for taking pictures together formed their idea for “bringing entertainment to another level”. These “Original 7” of the FP-Family combined their individual, yet equally important talents to form one of Arizona’s most recognized and decorated party and production crews. Over the years through growth and maturity, the family of seven young adults has grown to 20 professional men and women with the singular goal of making the letters “F.P.” known worldwide. The 20 members of our family come from all different walks of life. We come from different parts of the country, even different parts of the world. We hold different political beliefs, different religious beliefs, and maintain different lifestyles. Many of us now have our own families we are responsible for, but our “FP-Family” will always be in our hearts and on our minds. The bonds that bind us as family members go far beyond blood relation and while our family does consists of actual brothers, sisters, husbands and wives, it is our love and friendship for each other which ultimately brings us together.